Sunday, 25 March 2012

I am music teacher?


     I will laugh with non - stop if I flashed back the happened during my third pbs at SK Tawang. on the that day, I have to replace a teacher who absent because he was going to PPD. I and my friend entered the class and decided to play a game with them..
        Before we start out game,I taught them several song that I have learned in scout such as "Rumput yang hijau" and " Jambatan Goyang2x"..
      They really enjoyed sang the song. They are really sporting and funny!

     suddenly a students ask me " teacher, what do you teach?"
                   I answered : "mathematics. why?"
                   the student asked again" so how do you know a lot of song and know how to sing well"
                   I answered : " oh really"..haha

I never know that I have talent in singing..maybe after a lot of practiced with alyaa and ana at karaoke really help me in this matter..haha!
 I really miss them!

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